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Team LilBen

The name?

“Team LilBen” is the name we give to ourselves.  Mainly because we love adventure, so whenever we are doing one of our activities we call ourselves “Team LilBen”.  We don’t scream it out or anything weird like that, when we are hanging off the side of a mountain.

Why not “Team BenLil”? – Well, because it doesn’t sound as good.

Here are some of the things we have done together:

1. The first Zorb.

After the 2010 CMA conference, Lil and Ben planned to go zorbing (as friends).  What better way to determine if two are suited for life’s challenges than shoving them in a zorb ball and pushing them down a hill.  On the first attempt Ben was a complete gentlemen doing his best not to fall into Lil.  On their second attempt Ben thought it was highly amusing to pick up the little Lil and throw her across the ball which only resulted into them becoming entangled.







2. Sand boarding (imagine snow boarding but with sand).

Along with Joel Harding, Lil and Ben took on the challenge of sand boarding.  Joel was certainly the coolest, Lil had poise and Ben just fell down the sand dune.  When he realised he would never outdo Tony Hawk, he helped dust sand off Lil only to push her over again.  Ben’s ability to flirt is as complicated as a five year old.  One of Lil’s greatest strengths is tolerance.







3. Theme parks!

With Ben and Lil now ‘official’ it was time to test their new found relationship with travel.  Four months into their relationship Ben was heading for New York.  Lil said ‘I love New York’, Ben replied, ‘well come if you want…’.  As Los Angeles was on the itinerary Team LilBen conquered all the theme parks.  Lil’s favourite thing was the fireworks. 










4. New York.

It would be our dream to work and live in New York, much to the concern of both our parents.

Before LilBen met they both loved New York city.  The intention of the trip was to network but Lil ensured there was time for a food tour.







5. iFly Los Angeles.

It’s skydiving without the parachute and none of the mess.  This was a lot of fun and after Team LilBen got their ‘wings’ the instructor showed up how it’s really done!  Upon returning to Australia, Ben purchased ten leaf blowers and taping them together with gaffer in an attempted to make his own version until Lil, the brains of the two, confiscated them.


6. Forward Abseiling.

When Lil discovered that Ben had a “respect for heights” (ie he is afraid of heights but doesn’t want to admit it, so we call it “respect”), she decided that a spontaneous activity for their six month anniversary was to go forward abseiling.  It was a worthy challenge and one that both members of team LilBen conquered with aplomb.  (Note: Ben still has a healthy “respect” for heights.)









7. Standup Paddle Boarding along the Yarra.

Exactly as it sounds.  You stand up on a surfboard and you paddle.  You consume most of your energy trying not to fall into the Yarra.  Team LilBen did not fall into the Yarra, another point scored for the team.









8. Winter Festival

A unique event held in the Carlton Gardens that involved ice skating, drinking mulled wine and sliding down the ice slide.











9. Snowboarding: Mt Hotham

After Steven Beck took Ben on his first ever snowboard adventure, he was hooked.  He is certainly no expert and an expert would certainly describe Ben’s snowboarding as falling down a mountain with a clown.  Team LilBen spent a wonderful weekend sliding down a mountain, by the end of the weekend they still had no style but upgraded their efforts to sliding down the mountain with no control as to the outcome.






10. Aerochute

Imagine a parachute and a lawn mower engine and you have Aerochute.  Not the fastest way to travel but a great way to chase Kangaroo’s!  Ben’s Aerochute crash landed due to high winds.  Ben was very excited about his crash landing, “We crashed, we crashed and we didn’t have to pay extra – woohoo!”









11. Rowing on the Yarra

A more romantic Team LilBen activity, Ben took Lil on a surprise row up and down the Yarra with a picnic to follow.  Ben was disappointed there was no crocodiles to wrestle. Lil learned she could only row in circles

LilBenRowing copy








12. Horse riding

This is one of Ben’s most favourite activities.  In order to prepare for an advanced Horse and Winery tour on the Mornington Peninsula, Team LilBen went for a practice ride in Daylesford the week before as Lil hadn’t been riding since she was a little girl.  Lil’s horse was meant to be placid. Quite the opposite and she still has markings on her leg to prove it.  Thankfully her horse at the winery tour in Mornington was much easier to handle and fun to gallop…after a glass of wine!








13. New Zealand

Ben had an opportunity to work in New Zealand and needed a ‘volunteer’ so he dragged Lil along.  Whilst she wasn’t a fan of the camping aspect (and drop loos!) she was a trooper and we both had a wonderful adventure.  We will return one day to conquer the South Island.







14. Rafting in New Zealand

After working together on a Bike Ride event in which Ben was taking photos and Lil was producing the video documentary, Team LilBen went rafting on a level three river Taupo.  They are now ready to upgrade to level 5.

Rafting NZ






15. Archery

In preparation for the next Robin Hood & Maid Marion audition, Team LilBen spent a day rehearsing at an archery field.  The results were very close and I will not reveal who won as HE is very humble.








16. Flying Trapeze

If work in the media business slows down Team LilBen can join the circus as a flying trapeze duo.  Lil was a master and completed a forward swing, was then caught by the instructor, did a kung fu catch of the returning bar and then completed the sequence with a back flip…if you think I’m lying we have video evidence!  The result was nearly two months of physio on the left shoulder.









1. Caving.

Just to ensure that Team LilBen were not claustrophobic they decided to try their skills at caving in Yarra Junction.



17. Rock Climbing


After going under the mountain, the obvious next adventure was to go up the mountain.









To see more of our adventures, check out Lil's Facebook album.