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About Lil

Lil flowers

Born and bred in Melbourne,

Lillian spent all her primary and high school years living, breathing and working at her parents Chinese restaurant in Chelsea.  This doesn’t necessary mean that she’s a good cook.  She cooks to survive…and survive she does.  If she’s out of soy sauce when cooking a stir fry, she’ll secretly mix in Vegemite…same thing but different.



Growing up

Lil learnt there were a few ways to escape the chores of the restaurant and the boredom of classrooms:

1. Frequent visits to the library to study and read.

This later turned into a cover story so she could meet up with friends or boys.

2. Take up music lessons (piano, cello and drums).

Piano lessons didn’t last long. Drumming was to help with her rhytm for cello and cello was her way in to fulfil a wish to perform at Hamer Hall…twice.

3. Commit herself to being a photographer, journalist, then editor of her high school year book.

The Year Book. It was fun, tough and controversial at times. Controversy? Lil? Lil became the year book editor in Year 10 where normally it was reserved for Year 12′s and she had subtly showed up her Principal a few times on how she and her team made the impossible, possible.

Family History

If we dig deep in Lil’s media DNA, we’ll find that her Great Grandfather on her dad’s side had a founding role in Singapore’s first Chinese newspaper ‘Nanyang Siang Pau’ or Nanyang Business Daily.  Her grandfather on her mum’s side is no stranger to Australian Chinese media when it comes to community events, bridging gaps, creating awareness of the Australian Chinese history and her uncle (mum’s side) follows suit of her grandfather.


Learning from her family tree of the importance of leaving a legacy for future generations; bringing experience from her previous job in providing opportunities to tell positive stories; and having her eyes opened at her current role in a busy TV newsroom, Lil is inspired to help change the world…one stiletto heel at a time.

You can check out Lil’s creative projects here: