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About Ben

Ben Whimpey directed his first film at 7 years of age using LEGO pirate men as actors. He still has the film and considers those LEGO men to be some of the most talented actors he’s worked with. 25 years on and with over 15 years of experience, Ben is Owner of Orsino Media and Sovereign Entertainment and has a bank of successful projects to his name spanning documentaries and corporate videos.


Ben recently prodphiluced “The Hustle” which was selected as a finalist for Tropfest 2013.  This film was seen by over 100,000 people in the domain and was then broadcasted nationally on SBS.


Ben is one of Melbourne’s leading video production experts and the driving force behind Orsino Media.  As a hands-on practitioner Ben brings the skills of writing, producing and directing as well as a keen understanding of the technical requirements of camera operation and editing to his productions.


He is committed to producing high quality and profitable entertainment and trying to ensure that the artists he works with get that most elusive of artistic rewards: A paycheck. Ben is now completing his Masters in Screen Arts and Business to fully cement his career.


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