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The Proposal

I had hoped to propose to Lil on our 12 month anniversary, however due to events happening in my business life I had decidedthat I could not afford to buy the ring at this time.

LilBen proposal text to photos.


From Ben’s planning to popping the big question!


Every destination I went to and every activity I did reflected something of our relationship.


Ben was in Queensland at the time and had arranged everything remotely. And was stressing out remotely too! He got his staff Jane to put the video messages on iPad and Nath to film the whole day.


  1. The Plan.
  2. Nathan’s reaction to Ben’s idea in proposing inside the Zorb.
  3. So I rock up to work as I normally would on the Friday to find a letter and a iPad on my desk. The message: no work today, you’re on a LilBen 2nd year anniversary adventure!  Go home and pack.
  4. Arrived home to find Rudo and Joel outside. They were my ‘hosts’ for the day. Rudo handed me another letter and watch the next video on iPad.

Message: What to pack: bathers, something to impress Ben, something comfortable to wear and make up.


Ben had prepped my mum and Rudo on what other things to put in my overnight back without me knowing.


At this stage I still had no idea on what was install for the day, let alone if I was going away for a day or weekend. The next letter I was given told me to go to my old work.


  1. The subtle things from mum… While I was reading Ben’s letter, mum snuck in my toothbrush.
  2. Coming from a family that rarely shows emotion and physical affection, this was certainly a special moment for me.
  3. Awaiting for me at CityLife Church was Mark from ‘Cream at Sassafras’ (a great foodie store at Mt. Dandenong), who provided a catered lunch for us. Cordelia was there to greet me and hand me my next letter and to watch the next video on the iPad.  Message: (paraphrased) “You’re such a foodie and I love how you get me to try new things! Time for lunch – enjoy!”
  4. Here’s Mark, who was recovering from a broken leg happily providing his services to us – we were so blessed!


P.S To CityLifers: in case you were wondering, we’re drinking non-alcoholic sparkling.


Always the feeder, the last shot is me feeding Nath, our cameraman.


9. Cordelia hands me the next letter. Message: Off to next destination that best describes my driving style…


P.S Baby Elsa is sooo cute! Look at her wanting ice cream!


10 So Ben thinks I drive like a racing driver…yeah, I’ll buy that!

11. After a few laps (finished way to quickly!), I was given another letter by their staff member and to watch another video on iPad.


Message: The next destination reflects a characteristic of Team LilBen.


12. We’re an adventure couple, hence the rock climbing.


My task: to climb to the top to retrieve a letter. Ben’s best mate Declan was there to belay for me.


13. Box 3 – their staff member waiting for me to give letter and to watch iPad.


Message: Go to Ben’s favourite place in Melbourne. This on stumped me because I was thinking Melbourne City, not Melbourne as a region. Worked it out eventually in the car!


14. Ben’s favourite spot. I had to take a photo of the bridge to prove that I was there


15. Holding up a photo of Ben and I at the same spot on our six month anniversary.


16. Last letter given by Nath (cameraman) and video to watch on iPad.

Message: Will I see Ben at the next destination?


Note: Ben was in Queensland during this time on a corporate gig so he had organise most of the activities from there! So either I was going to see Ben in Melbourne or elsewhere…


Rudo and Joel: running to catch the train to Africa…


17. Arrived at Melbourne airport thinking I was picking up Ben but it turns out that he had booked a flight for me to meet him at the Gold Coast!


Well done to the team in keeping this all a secret!


18. Off to the Gold Coast!

19. Waiting for me at Gold Coast airport was Ben…filming me with his camera and holding a bunch of roses!


Left: A card Mark (the guy who did the catered lunch) gave me to open at the end of the day with Ben. So sweet!


The place we stayed was where we first met 3 years ago.


20. On our way and getting ready to Zorb…I was wondering why Ben took longer than me in getting changed!


The Zorb was the first ‘adventure’ activity Ben and I did together back when we were just friends


21. The Proposal.


For the video version of Ben popping the question


22. We entered in the Zorb ball as boyfriend/girlfriend and came out as fiance/fiancee!


Last pic: Telling the news to our families.


23. The engaged couple – Team LilBen!


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18th May: approximately 11:00am

Lillian arrives at Channel 10




A longer version of the Proposal video will be shown at the Wedding Ceremony, prior to the entrance of the Bride & Groom.