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Our Honeymoon

Most couples prefer to lie on a beach somewhere for two weeks for their honeymoon but Lil and I have always been different!

The French Riviera, Red Carpet & Foreign Film

When Lil suggested that for our honeymoon we should go to the Cannes film festival, I realised again why I love her so much.  We have both wanted to attend Cannes and whilst we will not be there for the whole festival it will be a great taste and see so that when we return with a film we will know our way around.


Cannes film fest




New York, New York

New York was always the top of our list as Lil and I both would very much like to live and work in New York.  Last time we travelled there we did not get as much time to wander Manhattan as we would have liked so we are returning to determine whether we do still indeed love New York!





The Poms and the Frogs

From there it made sense to stop in Paris and London.